Think Positive and Be Positive

Pakistan is a country which got the independence on August 14th, 1947 and within the span of only 60 years became one of the most important countries in the world. The world’s biggest migration took place on the time of partition of sub-continent and 14.5 million people crossed the border and entered into their homeland of Pakistan. The only Muslim country in the world established on an Ideology – The Ideology of Islam.

World Ranking Details
1st Nuclear Power (In Islamic World)
2nd Internet Growth Rate
7th Nuclear Power
7th Population
9th Mobile Phone Usage
25th Oil Production
28th GDP
35th Electricity Production
38th Airports (Total: 145 Airports)
43rd Area

And the list goes on…

The country with the most beautiful mountain range, the most beautiful people, the most rich cultures, the most hospitable population – Yes! This is my Pakistan. The biggest happiness of Pakistan, since the time I remember in my life was the 1992 cricket world cup. I still remember I was standing in the early morning school assembly my class teacher was wearing a blue jacket and our principle announced a day off because Pakistan made it to the final of the world cup. Then came the boost and new spirit in the people of Pakistan and we won big event in sports – hockey, squash, snooker. The summary of my above few lines is that only one good and positive incident in our nation’s history brought so many other positive changes with it. High-Tides transform into Low-Tides and then again to High-Tides and that is the universal truth.

Pakistan is our nation, the motherland which our forefathers called “Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya? Laa-ilaha ilAllah”. My Pakistan’s, My nation’s, My Motherland’s, My Soul’s future is in the hands of the new educated and self-made people. I and other 15million youngsters of Pakistan promise that the blood of our forefathers will never be wasted. Pakistan was, is and will in future remain the most peaceful and the most successful country on this planet. Only the positive thinking and positive beliefs of the people made this country. Today and forever after, our forefathers gave us the golden-key to success, i.e. Positive Thinking. Yes! We can do good, bring good and make this country and the world a better place to live if we keep our vision only in the positive direction.

Whatever Allah has given us, we should be thankful to Him. Here, I am Talal Masood, a 25 years old young boy living in this dramatic world and trying to make a change and enlighten the hearts of people with a shout – “PAKISTAN ZINDABAD”.

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