Get Your Display Pic

 We cannot make green the following: Celebrities, Brand Logos, Pets, Weapons.
 Send us large high resolution images, not the small thumbnails.
 Submit your image just once! We receive huge number of requests so it might take us 48hours to respond back.
 Only submit your own photo.
 Due to heavy load of request, we are editing just one picture per person.
 The image should have a space at the back of your head. (right side of your head, see below the example of good photo)
 The image should not be pre-edited.
 The background at the back of your head should not be black. It becomes difficult to separate your hair from it.

Submit your display picture


    What is a good type of photo?


    Your image should have enough space at your right side so that the crescent and the star of the flag is visible.

    Example of incorrect photos

    ggp-dp-image-incorrect-1 ggp-dp-image-incorrect-2 ggp-dp-image-incorrect-3

    All such kind of images in which you don’t have enough space in your background are incorrect pictures, or if you are on the right side of the image leaving no space for the flag.